Thursday, 20 June 2013

rEMiNisciNG baCk the sweeeeet n great moMenTS!! _________________________~ #SESMA WIND ORCHESTRA- NOSTRADAMUS by Otto My Schwarz

~Assalamualaikum GUYS!! here i'm back! just to tell u some great stories.. about my SESMA WIND ORCHESTRA . . . .as the FINALE SBP WOC had ended recently . .i'm here resigning my job as the band Conductor for this year ..... to put it blunt, i really miss those moments with you guys , friendss.. we actually did well during the performance. it was MAGNIFICENT!! so, don't be sad..maybe we don't have the rezeki for this year.. anyway, keep it up! SESMA WIND ORCHESTRA must always make all proud  . . .all the time! ! i feel like wailing ohhh.... T_T . . . .we will seldom meet each other again after this... still, dont forget about me kay! always remember that we'd gone through hard and sweet times together . . so juniors, from now on, this is your task to keep SESMA's name on the top . . .and to be the EVERY-YEAR FINALIST is a Compulsory! . . .and my errand here ,please avoid arguments..... always discuss and make the best decision. . .if you have problems, share with the others... dont stay silent .. we're in one family. emmmm, to all players too, thanksss a lot for your cooperation,, and I as the conductor wanna seek for forgiveness from all . . .okay! cause i know that i was not a good leader . . . .sorry againnn . . . .i miss you all so muchhh... #tears . . . .still intend to join the team but wht can i do .  . . so, all players must practise hard from now on! as you can see, we've many great rivals in the competition . . .that's why in order to defeat them ,every single player are obligated to practise all the time . . .we're capable to! believe in ourselves! ... hehe, #motivations.  bear in mind. our relationship, our battle. . dont just end here... we still hv to fight! yea maybe not for me, but for the next continuers!! hmmm . . .and last but not least, respect each other. n respect teacher Nana! she sacrificed a lot just to help us.. so don't make her upset . plss   :'(..   and dont forget about our song .  the Energico, that Allegro , Meno Mosso , Adagio, Tempo 1 , Lento , Tempo de Marcia!!! all the parts! we've been practising a lot on themm...  what a fabulous song to play . .#im sure sad to leave them ....  for the next year , , decide the best song kay! goodluck everyone! now watch! SESMA WIND ORCHESTRA!! --NOSTRADAMUS by Otto my Schwarz  . . . . .thanks again. Peace be Upon All.. if I have time. i'll
re-narrate :-D . . .see you again

 #at the BackStage , , nervous?!!? listen to the advice lahh. :D

#I'm on the SCREEN! hehehe ;-P


Nostradamus by Otto M Schwarz . let's watch!

Friday, 8 February 2013

im back,,

Assalamualaikum, heellllooo... TADAIMA...'!  
huhhhh, i dont know where should i start with....
ok, firstly, sorry guys for letting u down. i didnt even update my blog for a month something. Yea, staying at the hostel wont let me free lah. My life is super-duper hectic. Yea, got a lot of thingies to do, the year 2013 had started with form 5 subjects Orientation was a programme to talk on our last year Final Exam results. Yeah, quite disappointing. But, giving up is not an option. Then class lessons started on the second week . and... on the 27th. The exam,TOV started., and it just ended on Wednesday this week. How my TOV results will be eh? *wondering. I didnt have much time to study. and I just tried my best to answer those exam papers. Btw, I could notice that most of the other students were pressured. Haha, u know what that meant? #the exam questions turns them like that. haha. for me, they're annoying questions. but i wasn't too stressed. Yea, what could I do, I didnt get enough time to revise and after answering the papers, I considered that my results will be just the same, not really good but not bad. I will see them after this CNY. ,but i should be grateful though.,,and next is. the Wind Orchestra Competition, the new competition date really surprised us much. it appeared to be a month earlier than common, huhh, but what could I do, by hook or by crook, we have to face it. #holding a new position in the team really challenges me. Yes, to instill the SENSE OF URGENCY in myself. ermm, but I dont mind. That's my choice so I should just carry on. #haha , not even state what's my task here. LOL. just wait and see. Pray for the best from us :D . Hmm, today is already Saturday and I will be going back to the school on Tuesday...yeah, still have time to do revision..good to know that.,and today, I will attend my teacher's wedding. Fortunately her house is just around Dungun so i wont burden me much. OK i wanna stop here. #breakfast. bye2. but before that, I have noted that most of the visitors tend to view the anime thingies that i'd posted. Sorry if i couldnt satisfy u guys as I didnt write much. ok. gomennasai. Assalamualaikum

Thursday, 27 December 2012

plenty of seconds before being a FORM 5

Assalamualaikum, hye2...sorry i wasnt available for quite some days before. It was just that i got no internet connection due to the lightning strike. And here, im supposed to not being here today as i should have gone to the school for the band camp, but the current situation doesnt let me go as the floods on the road caused by the heavy rain wont let any cars to move through it. So, i might be leaving tomorrow if im able to. and perhaps, i might just go on the registration date. HAHAHA . this is just tremendously shocking for me though. Im entering the Form 5 WORLD. ekkkkk -.- . pheww.. im just so NOT PREPARED yet tho. huwaaaaa... :'( . ok. this just should be the time. for me to temporarily abandon all those COOL STUFFS @distractions . hahah. byeee  internet world. game world, anime world, stalking world., KID WORLD.haha.. it's now the time for me to do all the VITAL TASKS and STUFFS . How can i manage my time ehhh -.- geezz. how will I? what i'll be doing soon? hmmph. just wait for my next story ehhhh :D . the story on how Im going to be the most _______ . heeee. *just put all the good property inside the blank space :D. ok bye2 fellas. see u later! ja Ma Ta! gambarimashou. ;-). sorry for all my wrongdoings.  

#the next newComer. *all things are on my hand.*

Sunday, 16 December 2012

time is precious. determination is the key to success

Assalamualaikum. hello peeps. It has been a while since i last wrote here. Yea, since i came back from the hospital...I was not keen to write , clueless maybe.. Still, I thought of sharing my experience being in the hospital ward for a night but,, it ended up not happening. My mood wasn't really good probably. But, from now on until this 27th DEC,  i might be updating this blog if i have the time to. Well, the school will start soon. I should have prepared myself for the next year. I will got a lot of stuffs to do, yea I'll be form 5 soon. The SPM examination is just around the corner. Hmm, being at home, i'm distracted with these cool stuffs i find *online,gaming,sleep,anime and more n more . haha. Maybe im too impatient. I should have done the tasks given by teachers in the first place but that didnt happen. Hmm,  people say that is *dugaan di rumah . Yea it's true sometimes. But i couldnt manage my time at home wisely so as the consequence, i still havent finish the homeworks yet because i kept on postponing them.,  from now onwards, i must be more determined to always prioritize important things to do first. as the saying goes, procrastination is the thief of time. Okay wish me all the best for the next time as i got a lots to do =D . n before i forget, below is the latest post on the recently watched anime , MAR. thanx for reading. #give me some feedback.

*my sorry for these annoying butterlies here n there. chill xD

Marchen Awakens Romance, awesome XD

what a great anime. When I watched the first few episodes of it I was skeptical, and thought that it was going to be another boring, 100% predictable anime. But I'm glad I hung in there because it got much better as time went on. Tonight, i just finished watching this anime and the ending moved me badly. the whole story is great with the main character, Ginta entered a new world, MAR Heaven and learned a lot of things. He is determined to save the MAR Heaven from being ruled by the CHESS Pieces and defeated the evil beings. He has became matured after experiencing every seconds of his life in the MAR Heaven as he managed to make good friends, help the people in need, and protected the ones he loved. And at the end of the story, he was tremendously shocked when he knew the truth of his teammate, Snow who shared the same soul with his bestfriend/lover in the world he came from. He also managed to save his father who was also fighting the CHESS Pieces before he came to the world. The story ended with Ginta and Koyuki/Snow met again and enjoyed their life happily together.The MAR Heaven was saved and those people live n peace. #the writer should write more i think. his story is just great. xD . and somehow, Whenever i look at Elvis,one of the main characters, he sort of reminds me of Kiryuu Zero (Vampire Knight) :-P


Sunday, 9 December 2012


what bLOGGER has done to me -.-

~im clueless -with more tabs #deadlocked
~i badly want to edit u more n more
~i was caught into trouble made my u
~i want to keep u fresh all the time with latest updates
~i keep thinking about u
~i want to promote u to my friends
~i want to spend a lot of time with u
~i .....nevermind 

#YOU are ANNOYING. but, YOU are still MINE. And actually you are myself  :) keep cheering me up okay :DD

Saturday, 8 December 2012

NeVeR LoSE HoPE :)

Assalamualaikum, frankly, i have been frustrated about this blog and thought about deleting it. Yea, but, i managed to rebuild this page once again and that made me happy lahh :D . yea. . .maybe i was too showing off when i create this blog for the 1st time in a short period. but, ALLAH showed me that i shouldnt have done that and i was caught into trouble for quite some hours. so, my most sorry to you  okay xD.  well, we learn new things by experience :)

being a Trumpeter

 Assalamualaikum, here're some updates of who am i as a Trumpeter.  Being a GREAT TRUMPETER is my all time dream for sure.  well, maybe i have posted that i might be the conductor. still, i also will be  practising Trumpet as usual. I have bunch of juniors who i still need to take care of. well, to be a great trumpeter is not a simple pimple thingie. I should know alots about the trumpet as well,  practising more n more to improve own technical ablility  is the most crucial part .Then u must have a good music theory so u wont "gagap" when sight reading your score. Instead of that , u have to master the musical interpretation so u can feel and undestand the music well when u're playing. ~correct me if im wrong


steps to be the Band Conductor?? emm, i might be playing the CONDUCTOR role for the next year (2013). am i deserved and supposed to do this? huhh, i keep on wondering, well, this is one of my all time dreams anyway, i have been wanted to conduct the band since i was in form 3 maybe.well, this is not an easy task anyway. there're alot of steps should be taken n be learned from now on. Expressing my gratitude to the other members for entrusting me to hold this task n i will try my best to not disappoint all of u. pray for the best of me to lead u all next year. from now on, sorry if im doing mistakes as i need more experience.well, experience is the best teacher :) wish me GoodLuck! In Sha Allah :)